The Action Comics Weekly Podcast – Episode #605

Welcome to the FIFTH episode of the Action Comics Weekly Podcast! Re-joining Host Chad Bokelman are guest hosts Mark Marble, Jay Jones, Ben Avery, Michael Bailey, Doug Zawisza, and in his second appearance Kyle Benning!

CHARACTERS THIS EPISODE: Green Lantern – Wild Dog – Secret Six – Superman – Deadman – Blackhawk

Listen in for straight to the point reviews of the fifth issues worth of stories from the Action Comics Weekly series itself! And stay tuned for YOUR listener feedback!

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2 thoughts on “The Action Comics Weekly Podcast – Episode #605

  1. One of the most interesting things about this issue, for me anyway, is the “Superman as deity” story that, as Chad said, carried on to the “Funeral for a Friend” storyline. It’s always been amusing to me that DC was willing to put Superman in that spot, but Marvel wouldn’t do it with an actual God and an actual religion.

    I suppose that I need to go into a little background on that. I’m a Heathen (aka Asatru, aka worshiper of the Norse Gods). Heathenry has been around, at least in America, since the 70’s. It’s not something I was born into (that would be the Roman Catholic Church) but something that I found through research, study, and a good friend. Not right for everyone, but it works for me.

    So you have Marvel publishing a comic about (a VERY loose interpretation of) one of our Gods, who has worshipers in the real world, but none in the comics. Not even a hint of modern worshipers, even in Walt Simonson’s run. Then you have DC taking a character that only exists in their universe, with the power levels of a God, and giving him worshipers.

    I’m wondering if DC did it more to have Superman say, “I’m not a God” than anything else. Maybe tackling the Jesus/Moses thing head on? I don’t know. I’m pretty sure Marvel doesn’t know (or knows and doesn’t care) about Asatru existing, so it’s not like I’m shocked that it’s not acknowledged, but I am amused by the juxtaposition.

    I enjoyed the rest of the episode (OK, not the “Wild Dog’s got back” part), but the Superman thing is the one that stood out the most to me.


  2. I think the DC deck building game should sponsor this show, because I now want to get my son that Batman/Joker Rivals pack for Christmas! Is it a good game for a twelve year old?

    Sounds like you had the sniffles, and I hope you are feeling better! Try some graveyard stew if you’re not (Deadman). Sorry, I’ve been trying to think of food pairings for the different segments after my comment last episode.


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