The Action Comics Weekly Podcast – Episode #603

Welcome to the THIRD episode of the Action Comics Weekly Podcast! Re-joining Host Chad Bokelman are guest hosts Mark Marble, Jay Jones, Ben Avery, Michael Bailey, Doug Zawisa, and Alan Middleton.

CHARACTERS THIS EPISODE: Green Lantern – Wild Dog – Secret Six – Superman – Deadman – Blackhawk

Listen in for straight to the point reviews of the third issues worth of stories from the Action Comics Weekly series itself!

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6 thoughts on “The Action Comics Weekly Podcast – Episode #603

  1. I think I just remembered that Oprah Winfrey showed up in the pages of Action Comics Weekly. Could be a false memory, but maybe not. Fingers crossed. I think Hal was her guest and he got laughed out of the studio. Looking forward to that.

    Can we quit dog-piling on Wild Dog? I mean, I’m as guilty as the next guy, but enough already. Let’s hope that by Episode 604 at least SOMEONE will have SOMETHING positive to say about the poor guy. His original mini-series was not without merit, and neither are his ACW appearances. I mean, I stand by my original statement: “He’s just there. He just exists.” But, he USED to be something really cool. If only someone would talk about it in podcast form.


      1. Now now Chad, when I volunteered for Dogkiller Dee, I wasn’t talking Wild Dog. You can’t make me!

        And McGurk relates to the first ever Mr Mxyzptlk story. Worth a look!

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    1. First, great job, Chad & Guests, you’ve got 3 very enjoyable listens here, so far!

      Second, lessee, something positive about Wild Dog . . .

      WD- especially his outfit & the great original mini-series’ house ad – really captured my imagination as a kid. Back then, a look was all that was really necessary to sell me on a concept. I really thought WD’s look was quite awesome, but this was way before I was able to negotiate a monthly release schedule, much less master the art of collecting a fleeting 4 issue mini series. My fascination stuck with me for years, however, and I was finally able to complete my collection in adulthood (Lobo #62 was the hardest to find); it *pretty much* met my 25 year old expectations. I really dig the work of Collins/Beatty – but understand how the really quite ‘unflashy’ art of Beatty may not be for all tastes.

      I’m a big Ms. Tree fan – but understand Collins’ & Beatty’s inclination to get some some mainstream work. I don’t mean to imply that their heart wasn’t in Wild Dog, but I can imagine that the $$ from their DC ‘gig’ allowed them to focus & produce the work that they *really* wanted to make for independent publishers.

      BTW, Jason, I’m expecting sometime in the next few episodes of ACW a born-again-type revelation on your part regarding your affection for the character, as I’m commenting 2 days away from the 1st episode of Wild Pod (looking forward to it!)

      Great work, men!

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  2. Yes, Oprah showed up in GL – that was the first time I’d come across her. Who knew she was real?

    I’m amazed you boys feel this story could have come out of the Silver Age – to me, the slicing of Katma signalled we weren’t in that particular Kansas.


  3. (Still random commenting…)

    Star Labs was not routinely an evil organisation, if it ever was shown as dodgy – you were indeed likely thinking of Project Cadmus. There was also the Sunderland Corporation in Swamp Thing and Firestorm.

    It’s Barbara Randall Kesel these days

    Thor is not a team book, Chad! Asgardians are just supporting cast.


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