The Action Comics Weekly Podcast – Episode #602

Welcome to the SECOND episode of the Action Comics Weekly Podcast! Re-joining Host Chad Bokelman are guest hosts Mark Marble, Jay Jones, Ben Avery, Michael Bailey, Doug Zawisa, and Alan Middleton.

CHARACTERS THIS EPISODE: Green Lantern – Wild Dog – Secret Six – Superman – Deadman – Blackhawk

Listen in for a call to arms, a heartfelt dedication to the memory of DC Comics legendary letterer Gaspar, and reviews of the second issues worth of stories from the Action Comics Weekly series itself!

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5 thoughts on “The Action Comics Weekly Podcast – Episode #602

  1. Another great episode, Chad & Crew! I’m really enjoying hearing about all the different stories.

    As to the “darkening of DC Comics”, I think that Chad hit it on the head. There were some times where it worked and others were it didn’t. Wild Dog, for my money, didn’t because the “hero” was a cipher. You don’t know what the motivation really is and, therefore, can’t feel any sympathy for his cause. It’s as if there was a drive-by shooting in an old mob film. Yeah, those that got hit were bad guys, but I’m not going to cheer someone just driving down the street and shooting people.

    Luckily, I was able to stick to the characters that I liked, such as Superman, where either the dark stuff worked, or it was out shown by the innate heroism of the characters.


  2. Hi,

    Great podcast. My motivation for reading ACW was to complete my Green Lantern collection between the end of Vol 2 and the start of Vol 3. I quickly lost interest in Wild Dog and Secret Six and have just skipped over them in the actual comics. I am interested to see if the discussions on the podcast get me interested enough to go back and read them!! (Sorry, but so far I am still sceptical).

    Regarding Green Lantern itself, you make a very good point that the murder of Katma Tui seems to be entirely pointless in the context of the story. Why she was seen as “disposable” in the longer term is a mystery. Maybe if you could get Christopher Priest/James Owsley to say why they chose to go that way, it could be an interesting discussion. After all, if Star Sapphire wanted to hurt Hal, why not just kill Arisia?

    Keep up the good work



  3. Congratulations on another great episode – if this were a British podcast it’d be called Action Comics Weekly Fortnightly.

    It always struck me as weird that Hal was so convinced Star Sapphire had meddled with John’s mind – OK, his anger at Hal was misdirected, but he had every right to be more than peeved.

    Why the heck Wild Dog was taking up space here given the massive library of unused characters DC had, I have no idea! What a loser.


  4. Hi Chad! Second episode was even better than the first. You And your guests seemed better prepared for the quality of strips you were faced with so when the strip wasn’t the greatest (Wild Dog anyone?!?) you were both able to find the fun in the comic anyway which in turn made podcast fun to listen to as well. Plus your effort to research the characters, creators, and comics history was top notch. Keep up the good work and I’ll tune in for more!


  5. I just finished listening to your second episode, and enjoy your podcast very much. I still have my copies of Action Comics Weekly, but never got a complete run. I was only interested in the Blackhawk stories. As much of a Superman fan as I am, the Superman strip didn’t really grab my interest, sad to say. Nevertheless, I’m enjoying you and your guests discuss the individual features of each issue. If you need someone to discuss the Superman or Blackhawk stories in a future episode, let me know.


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